New Day, New Hope, New life Alhumdulillah

I am still alive , Good morning from Pakistan.
Thanks Allah for giving me a new life and And thanks all of you for praying for me. Every day is a gift of new life, fresh hopes and blessings. Alhamdulillah!

And here I am writing to say thanks to Allah for bless

Thank You Allah For New Life!
Thank You Allah For New Life!

Thank you for the many times you have forgiven me whenever I deviated from your path.

Thank you for always reminding me that sometimes you are the only one I can trust, you are the only I can talk to and you are the only one who is truly listening.

Thank you for all these blessings that I take for granted on a daily basis.

Thank you for not hating me when I was ungrateful or rude or when my faith was shaken.

Thank you for the times you have inspired me to seek knowledge and know more about the world and about myself.

Thank you for giving me the spirituality I need to contemplate the wonders of the world and the wonders of your creation and your daily miracles.

Thank you for the thousands of chances you have given me.

Thank you for all the lessons, especially the hard ones. 

Thank you for the love you have shown me through family and friends.

Thank you for always being in my heart and embracing me in my lonely nights.

Thank you for sending me all these warning signs through your messengers who were disguised as people or books or just gut feelings.

Thank you for giving me the strength I needed to endure pain and be comfortable with my loneliness.

Thank you for giving me a reason to wake up every day.

Thank you for giving me people to look up to.

Thank you for sending me people to love.

Thank you for giving me that faith I need when there seems to be no hope.

Thank you for being patient with me when I can’t even be patient with myself.

Thank you for whispering into my soul when I almost felt dead inside. 

Thank you for showing me that this life is fleeting and unpredictable and that I shouldn’t take it for granted.

Thank you for showing me that you are the truth.

Thank you for health, for shelter, and for food.

Thank you for healing me when I was broken.

Thank you for being there when no one else was.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you for it a new life.

I wish I can pass the message on and make a difference. If we want to be pillars of support for those who are suffering, it will require effort. Over and over and over again.

I am writing this having suffered this overwhelming illness for about more than a year. I am okay today, so I am able to write this. Yesterday I was a mess, inconsolably crying filled with pain and despair. I am writing this because I want to tell you how I feel. And I want anyone suffering like me to know that there are others that are observant, struggling Muslims and that they feel the way you are feeling. And that you should see a psychiatrist, that you can take medication if that’s what you need right now, and that it is okay to tell the people who you love. And finally, always remember- even when people disappoint you, Allah (swt) will never. He is always there and He will always be there for you. If He has kept you breathing, He has a purpose for you, insha`Allah (by the will of God).

“…And whoever is mindful of Allah, He will make for him a way out. And will provide for him from an unexpected source. And when someone puts all his trust in Allah, He will be enough for him.” [Qur’an, 65:2-3]

I am writing this for anyone who is feeling pain, lost, desperate, sad, angry or broken. Someone who is going through a lot of hardships or feels betrayed by the world, I would like them to know that you are the answer and the only guidance.

That they don’t have to look outside or find someone else to heal them, all they have to do is look up and talk to you or just look for you inside their hearts. This is the only way to deal with hardships and deal with life.

Thank you for always being there and for reassuring me that no matter what, I will never be alone.

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    Great blog post. Really looking forward to read more. Want more.
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