Hi! I am Bushra Waheed, a firm believer in continuous learning, growth mindset, helping others, and living a life rich in experiences!

How it all began…

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.
Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills.
Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.”

— Jim Rohn

I am  passionate about Data Science, Technology and everything in between. Currently solving complex problems with Data and Technology.

I love learning, and acquiring new skills. If I could get paid to just keep going to school I would, but alas, the bills need to be paid! Some of the things I’m most interested in are:
Knowledge Representation in /bioscience Databases.
Expert Systems and Automated Reasoning.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Data Science and Analysis.
Data Visualization.

During my MCS in our coding labs whenever I got a problem statement to solve first I used to define logic and rules to solve a problem and then start to code it using a suitable language. This is the traditional way we software developers use to solve the problems. That is telling a computer to use a particular rule or logic to solve a problem.

Now as a data analyst I found the approach in data science / machine learning is different and also very interesting one. We have data we have output but here we don’t need to tell computer how to solve it through hard-coding the logic. What is important is we need to study data, identify correct Machine Learning model or models (this comes with experience), train and test the model. Computer using model itself finds the logic to solve a problem (by finding relationship between input and output). Amazing !!! isn’t it?

As a learner initially this change in approach/way to solve a problem was not easy to understand for me since I was learning it by myself. But because of my deep interest in Machine Learning and Deep Learning with time I learned it and implemented it in real life commercial projects.

I enjoyed the journey as a data analyst and wanted to share some knowledge with those who are really interested  in this field and want to learn and implement it to solve their problems. 

What I know

As a result of my perpetual curiosity, I have practical experience with a wide range of technologies including:

Python • R Javascript • HTML • CSS • Bootstrap • NodeJS • Jquery • MySQL • MongoDB • Scikit-Learn • Pandas • Numpy

for use with concepts such as:

Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Analytics, Statistical Data Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization, Database Systems & Information Modelling • Software Engineering • Web Application Development, and more!

Thankfully, I’m not a cat.

Certificates I’ve completed:

To feed my hunger for learning, I take online courses for different Data Science topics and work independently on projects in my free time. Some of them include:

  • Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree – by Kaggle and Google – Udacity
  • Statistics Specialization: Introduction to Probability and Data – by Duke University – Coursera
  • Statistics Specialization: Inferential Statistics – by Duke University – Coursera
  • Big Data Foundations, including Hadoop and Spark – by IBM – Big Data University
  • Data Science and Machine Learning with R – Udemy
  • Python Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp – Udemy

Check out my portfolio to see iPython notebooks and Github repos for some of the projects I’ve worked on.

And that’s about it! Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or get in touch if you want to discuss opportunities, collaboration, consulting or have a heated debate about the best coffee in India. I’m always happy to chat!

You can find a contact form on the homepage, or send an email directly to bushrahwaheed@gmail.com.

I like to overly engineer things and document my findings, prototyping, experiments, and failures on my YouTube and Instagram channels.

Committed to building the female community in STEM.

Lover of Books, Plants and Nuts.

Thanks for reading!