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Converting website data into meaningful Insights.

Why Web Scraping Services May Benefit Your Business?

There could be a million of reasons to scrape data but some significant ones are:

You are an upcoming startup that is coming up for an analytics or monitoring software in an industry (e.g: real estate or healthcare) and you need to gather loads of data quickly for your MVP.
Building Machine Learning models.
Real-Time Data Monitoring
Monitoring financial data like stocks or cryptocurrency.
Price-monitoring systems.
Customer insights from reviews by applying sentiment analysis algorithms.
☑ Content aggregation (e.g., eCommerce, travel, job, etc.)
Tracking the latest trends.
and many more!

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Web Scraping: A powerful way to get success in Business


Simple & Proven 3-Steps Work Process

I follow a structured yet flexible web scraping and data analyzing process that ensures your project is delivered to the highest standards. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect when you partner with me.

01. Submit a Request

Submit request with all details.

02. Building the Scraper

Building the scraper

03. Data Formatting

Getting data in your desired format


Simple, Affordable Pricing Plans, No Hidden Charges

Choose the plan that’s right for your business. Whether you’re a small start up, professional or growing business. I’ve got you covered.


Basic Plan

Ideal for basic websites with a few pages.

$100/per month
  • 1 Website

  • Upto 2000 records

  • Data available in CSV and JSON format

  • Data delivery via email

  • Support via email


Pro Plan

Perfect for professional websites with more features.

  • 5 Websites

  • Up to 5000 records per website

  • Data available in CSV and JSON format

  • Data delivery via email

  • Support via email and Skype


On Demand

Designed for complex websites with extensive functionality.

  • 1 website

  • Unlimited records

  • Data available in CSV and JSON format

  • Source code available

  • Data delivery via email

  • Data delivery in 7 business days.

  • Support via email and Skype


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about my work process, communication style, and what to expect when you partner with me for your web scraping project. Get answers to frequently asked questions about the web development process, from initial concept to launch.

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How much does data scraping cost?

The cost of data scarping from the internet varies depending on multiple factors such as the number of websites, tools used, scarping script etc. It could cost $50/website to $5000 per scraping script.

Is Scraping public data illegal?

Scraping data from the internet isn’t itself illegal if you are not scrapping any confidential information. However, if you want to scrape data from private websites you may run into some problems. All in all, it depends on why you are scraping data.

How much time does web scraping take?

Usually, the web scraper will send a request for scrapping in a loop with each loop taking 1-3 seconds to process the request. But it may take a bit longer depending on the things like speed of internet connection, server loading speed and the amount of data requested for scrapping.

How can I scrape data from a website?

Website data is unstructered. Web scraping helps you to collect this unstructered data and store it in a structured way. Typically there are 3 ways to scrape data from websites i.e. online services, API’s or writing your own data scraping script.


Web & Data Scraping Tools and Technologies

Tools and Technologies I like to use for efficient data collection.