I’m Bushra Waheed, a self taught Data Analyst and a self improved Blogger. I want to help you learn about analytics, transform your career, and help your business grow.

If there’s one thing that defines the future of work, it’s data and how it’s used – from automation and AI to tailoring products and services to each consumer. 

I have over 2 years of analytics experience while moving up the ranks in a corporate setting. My education and passions lie in using data to make well-educated decisions that yield efficient and beneficial practical applications.

I’ve helped many  small businesses implement data solutions and streamline operations.

I uses a blend of data driven advice, coupled with real world experience and tips to help you achieve your goals. You’ll find that my approach to helping you manage your career is empowering and effective. I’ve developed it over the past years and helped many people to successfully advance in their professions.

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